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This site owes its existence to those family, teachers and friends who have forever motivated me to start a personal blog. They inspire me to continue my passion and practice writing everyday. Special thanks to Dhwani Madia, Graphic Designer, for designing the logo of the blog.

This site is all about sharing ideas and stories that you can relate to in a pinch. Something after reading which you can immediately say, “Oh yes, this happens to me all the time.” So, make this site a small part of your lives and let’s bond and share our values and interests.

Our life lacks heavily what we need the most – self-love. The irony in this world is that we have to look someplace else for it. With this blog, I intend to help you indulge in self-love and motivate you to accept those aspects of your lives that the conventional values deem as inappropriate. Writing is the best way for me to communicate, so here they are, my thoughts, ready to invoke your thoughts.

Happy Reading!