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15 self-worth quotes to inspire your inner journey

I wish the quality of self-worth was as popular as the self-worth quotes by people all around the globe. So much has been said on it but so much less has been done about it. People spend a major chunk of their life establishing their value on their terms. Much time is lost in determining what they deserve, creating boundaries and simply denying to do something they don’t like. If only we realize that not all the things we do have to have a positive impression on people! If only we think about our happiness first and other’s expectations later! And if only we regard our small achievements as important as the big ones, our self-worth would be at its rightful place today.

Nevertheless, life always provides us with a scope to accommodate important things in its different stages. These self-worth quotes by wise men and women can still inspire us to pay attention to ourselves. These are not just random advice but easily and fittingly applicable to our daily lives. Why not give it a try and see for yourself?

Self-worth quotes

  1. Maya Angelou, one of the strongest females to walk on Earth, points out a thing deeply engraved in us.
Self-worth quotes: It is a choice

2. Want to take Arts instead of Science, go for it! Want to study further instead of handling family business at the moment, go for it! After all, the heart wants what it wants.

Be yourself, it matters

3. Donna Paulsen, from Suits, is an intelligent and hardworking woman who believes in setting boundaries and limiting other people’s nonsense to themselves.

Self-worth quotes: Be proud of who you are

4. Even if you do something which somebody wants you to do that you don’t like, would you give your 100% in it?

Can he?

5. I know I have used this one before but I could not help listing this one here. Tyrion Lannister, one of the most loved characters, gives the best advice of being who you are and cherishing it proudly.

Self-worth quotes: Tyrion Lannister's best line

6. Madam Hay could not have written the importance of self-worth in simpler words!

Value and validate yourself first

7. Identify who genuinely needs your help and who has developed a habit of taking your help.

Self-worth quotes: Stop taking shit

8. A 7-word statement with such a strong impact! The only person you owe an explanation to is You.

Do you have anything to prove t others? Captain Marvel

9. Don’t twist your personality or adjust your self-worth to please anyone. Please?

Self-worth quotes: be who you are

10. “I can’t come, I have to complete a class.”
“I have important deadlines, I can’t help you right now.”
There is no harm in saying ‘No’ at times.

Stop taking shit

11. Discover your internal self as well.

Self-worth quotes: Then who are you?

12. Another classic life hack by Harvey Specter, from Suits, need to say anything more?

Harvey specter quotes

13. Never. Ever. You won’t find that person again. Take my word.

Word Porn quotes

14. Remember the self-confidence blog about insecurities? This is it. You have the knowledge, you have the ability.

Timothy Ferriss quotes

15. It’s an addiction. Once you get to this phase, there’s no turning back.

Self-worth quotes: Be yourself

Author’s comment:

Just like an apple a day keeps a doctor away, employing these self-worth quotes will keep your negative thoughts away.

“If God wishes to provide one superpower to all the humans, I sincerely and ardently hope it’s self-worth.”  

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