Ab qayamat se kya dare koi, ab qayamat toh roz aati hain

20 shayaris that beautifully capture the essence of life

A few words here and a few words there and bammm, they know how to create magic! In less than 20 words in these shayaris, the poets beautifully capture the essence of life. Such is the power of the pen.

Sometimes life brings us to such as a place where we cannot describe things. Our emotions are on a high but our words fail us. It is during such moments that we seek cover in somebody’s else works or shall I say, words. They may be music, books, poetry and sometimes the good old shayaris.

I don’t know whether I speak for everyone but they are a combination of comfort + therapy + mind spa. Imagine a pizza, dim lights, cozy couch, instrumental music, a soft breeze coming through the window and dozens of shayaris to read. I am thinking someone remembering Deepika Padukone and thinking, “Isshh kya filmy line maari hain!”

Yes, life cannot be figured out fully but only very few things can come as close to these 2-lined poems in expressing the intricacies of life. They might not take you to some other world but they sure bring out the truth of this one. So much so that they make you look inside and wonder about the mundane life which we so casually ignore.  

Just like we cannot explain what we feel after listening to Kun Faya Kun, similarly, we can’t express the case with these. They open the door to so many memories and experiences. Some that still haunt us and we want to run away from. Some still haunt us. Nonetheless, we enjoy them.

Here are 20 shayaris that portray the rustic yet beautiful journey life is

Here are 20 shayaris that portray the rustic yet beautiful journey life is

  1. By Deepanshu Gupta Ji on not giving up
toot kar bikhar jaana hi toh nahi aara humein, hum bhi warna kisi khwaab ki tarah kisi choti soch mein kaid hote - shayari

2. By Piyush Mishra Ji on the complexities of life

Zindagi ka falsafa bhi kitna ajeeb hain, shaamein ka ti nahi aur saal guzarte jaa rahe hain - shayari

3. Gulzar saab describing the nature of happiness and sadness is his unique andaaz

Naaraz humesha khushiyan hi hoti hain, ghamo ke itne nakhre nahi

4. By Abul Mujahid Zahid Ji on how life never stops

Tum chalo iss ke saath ya na chalo, paanv rukte nahi zamaane ke - shayaris

5. Rahat Indori saab on, well, the stage named life

Naye kirdaar aate jaa rahe hain, magar naatak purana chal raha hain - shayaris

6. This is life, is not it? By Aagah Dehlvi Ji

Ek safar woh hain jismein panv nahi, dil dukhta hain - shayaris

7. Hands down the best use of pun by someone unknown to me

Yeh jo tumne khud ko badla hain, yeh badla hai ya 'badle' hain?

8. Knew it back then it would reflect the current situation in 2020, by Khumar Barabankvi Ji. Anyone else feel that they are a contestant of Khatron ke Khiladi

Ab qayamat se kya dare koi, ab qayamat toh roz aati hain - shayaris

9. Gulzar saab at his best, again

Lagta hain aaj zindagi kuch khafa hain, chaliye chorhiye, kaun hi pehli dafa hain - shayaris

10. Does anyone disagree? Any guesses who wrote this? Gulzar saab

Waqt rehta nahin kahin tik kar, aadat iski bhi aadmi si hai - shayaris

11. Piyush Mishra Ji giving pro life tips

Insaan khud ki nazar mein acha hona chahiye, duniya toh bhagwaan se bhi dukhi hain

12. Rahat Indori saab giving us something on honesty

Sharab ki botal si hai yeh imaandaari, koi chhorta nahi, koi chhuta tak nahi - shayaris

13. Food for thought? By someone unknown to me

Jaldbaazi mein ab bass saans hi li jaati hain, zindagi ab kahan fursat se jee jaati hain - shayaris

14. A great mind (someone unknown to me) makes us realize how hollow we have become

na jaane zindagi ka yeh kaisa daur hain, insaan khamosh hain aur online kitna shor hai

15. Picture abhi baaki hain mere dost... In other words, the tables will turn. By Bashir Badr ji

Kabhi main apne haathon ki lakeeron se nahi uljha, mujhe maloom hain kismat ka likha bhi badalta hain - shayaris

16. Written by Gulzar saab

thoda sa rafu karke dekhiye na, zindagi hi toh hain, phir se nayi si lagegi - shayaris

17. Do you think something’s missing? For instance, real happiness? By Piyush Mishra Ji

raaton ko chalti rehti hain mobile par ungliyan, seene par kitaab rakh ke soye kaafi waqt ho gaya - shayaris

18. Hope is the strongest foundation you can have to build on. By Faiz Ahmad Faiz ji

maana ki yeh sunsaan ghadi sakht badi hain, lekin mere dil yeh toh fakhat ek ghadi hain, himmat karo, jeene ko abhi ek umra padi hain

19. One by my friend, Reetu Mishra, who knows the power of writing

jo likhne ka hunar rakhte hain, woh bolkar kam hi zahir karte hain apne ehsaas, aur likha bhi unke liye hi karte hain jo hote hain unke bohot khaas

20. Kept the best one for the last. By someone unknown to me

mitti se mitti par aur phir mitti mein toh phir guroor kis baat ka

Shayaris are to the world of art what French fries are to the world of food. Simple, elegant and one can never have enough of them.

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Sameer Waghle
28/10/2020 at 10:01 am

Shayaris are very close to my heart and really appreciate you writing about it. Amazing collection!!!

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