25 things to know before you're 25
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25 things to know before you are 25

There are 25 things to know before you’re 25? How is one supposed to keep so much information? Here I cannot keep check of the 25 things in my cupboard, you want my brain to store this data! 😉 Gotcha!

It’s a tricky affair to be in your 20’s and struggling with almost everything. Work, relations, family, love, friendship, money and what not. There’s so much to take care of and that’s where the confusion begins. Where to start? How much effort to put in? Whether any effort is required at all? When to leave and start afresh? Isn’t it so? The bad news is all these issues are going to stay here for a while. The good news is you will figure everything out by yourself eventually.

In a race to settle down by the age of 25, we often ignore things, things that matter. 10 years from now and we would wish we had realized this stuff earlier. It’s not like I have time travelled, seen my 10 years older version and then giving this gyaan. No. History is a witness. Look at yourself. You have come a long way. Are not there things now that you wish you had known when you were 18?

And you know what actually? We know most of these things but have trouble believing in their existence.

So, here are 25 things to know before 25!  

  1. Your body is like a plant. You have to provide it with proper nutrients, sunlight and sufficient water so that it grows suitably. Remember, the world runs on a ‘survival of the fittest’ policy now.
  2. The world may end after the third world war or a pandemic but it will not end if you fail the same exam 5 times or get divorced thrice.
  3. You have to develop a system stronger than a Tata’s car to fight the urge to please people. Start to please yourself and feed your soul.
  4. The world is not only harsh for you. The rest of us also suffer and then achieve.
  5. Rejection is as much a part of life as growth is. In fact, growth comes after the acceptance of rejection.
  6. It is too less an age to give up on life. Most people change their careers, cities and customs after 25.
  7. Wasting your time on toxic people and useless things has no point. At any age. If you see there’s no compatibility, no understanding, steer away in the opposite direction.
  8. Even if you have a well-paid job, completed your education, purchased a car, people will still find something to comment upon. So, don’t care what they think. If you want to give them something to talk about, it might as well be your success story.
  9. It is easy to judge people but very hard to understand them.
things to know before you're 25
  1. If you let the ghosts of the past bother you every time, then you’re not going to like what your future holds as well. Learn to let things go.
  2. Learn the concept of opportunity cost and apply it partially. Don’t take the remaining alternatives as a loss. You can’t fill your hands with everything and also, not everything you lose is a loss. Learn the joy of missing out.
  3. Happiness and contentment are not a lost concept yet.
  4. It is okay to not like people and not wanting to talk to them. But, it is never okay to be intentionally cruel to anyone. Bullying and mocking are fun only when you are doing it.
  5. Fitness does not necessarily mean fussing over healthy food or exercising even after immense pain. Sure they are an integral part but there are other things as well. Remember, excess of anything is not good.
  6. Embarrassing moments do not define your life. For someone like me, I guess they have found a home in me. But, but, they are just a small portion.
  7. Listening gyaan from your friends will not make things better but it will provide you with a replenished vigour to deal with things.
  8. The people who want to remain in your life without screwing your peace are the most important people.
  9. There is no such thing as too many fries, too cheesy pizza or too many books.
cheese pizza books when you're 25 things to know
Is there?
  1. Your body requires relaxation every now and then. When you sleep only for 3-4 hours daily, your body bears the brunt.
  2. For others to accept you for who you’re, you have to first love and accept yourself as you are.
  3. Among 25 things to know before you’re 25, perhaps the most important thing is empathy. It holds the key to a good and peaceful life.
  4. Online shopping is not the answer every time you have a bad mood.
  5. Your gut knows better than your mind. So, when your intuition demands another route to a destination, take it.
  6. No one is born a personality, except for Taimur of course! You have to develop your skills throughout and it is okay to have setbacks during this journey.
  7. Your loved ones need to see your love once in a while. So, don’t hold back.     

It may not be important to settle down before 25. What does it even mean? Are you mud or sand that you will settle down and leave clear water only? Better to be a plant na? However, it is important to realize some stuff about life to make it easier and avoid additional troubles.

“Learn more. Photograph a lot. Drink water. Practice kindness. Advocate peace. Trip over new things. Try new food. Take less bullsh*t. Love harder.”

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