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5 reasons you are not happy with anything

There might be no reasons for you being happy but there are certainly many reasons when you are not happy. When we’re happy, we don’t sit and look at things and wonder, “Oh, so what is exactly making me happy?” We are at such a stage of our life that we will do anything for a moment of happiness. And when that moment finally comes, who is going to waste time on thinking where it came from! Right? But the problem arises when we forget the feeling of happiness at all. We are just mechanically working, like robots, eating, like animals and living, well unlike humans. Every now and then, we have to be reminded that laughter is as important as vitamins and minerals.

We read all these posts and quotes about happiness and life, in general and they’re relatable as well. We actively look for a hole, even a small leak or crack to just escape into someplace else to be happy. What we are forgetting is that, that what we really need escaping from is ourselves and most importantly, our mind. We have become so pessimistic that even if there are 8 reasons to be happy out of 10, we will look at the other 2 and get our brain to run behind those 2. If it does not happen to you, leave this page right now because you will not need the following reasons.

Negativity all around is one of the main reasons you are not happy

Barring Covid, everything else is getting more negative day by day. Some people are so obsessed with problems, that’s the only thing they focus on. All they do is crib about something every now and then and that leads to your failing mental health. Need I describe it anymore? So, understand that toxicity in any form is unacceptable.

“Protect your vibe, it’s perishable, don’t let it just wither away on ephemeral things.”

Obsession over perfection

Get over your knack for finding perfection in everything and everyone. That’s one of the main reasons you are not happy. The greatest myth that needs busting is that if it’s not perfect, it’s not right. Is not that our greatest misconception? We have become so obsessed with the idea of perfection that we don’t realise what and who are we hurting. And this all has been manufactured by social media. The idea of perfect people with perfect figures and jawlines with perfect people in their life! Bullsh*t! The only thing that can be this perfect in the real world as the social world’s understanding of perfection is Maa ke haath ka khaana. Hard to hear but it is time to start living with flaws and shortcomings.     

“Perfect is not happiness but happiness can be perfect.”     

You wait for things to happen

My Hindi teacher always used to say, “Kuaa pyaase ke paas chalke aata hain ya pyaasa kue ke paas?” Was too dumb that time to understand its depth but now I get it. If you want something, you will have to get it done. No one will tell you, “Lao aapka kaam main kar deta hoon, aap Dream 11 pe team banalo.” So, get moving and go get your happiness, go achieve your dreams and try so hard that your reality starts feeling like a dream you saw on the day you started.

“People wait for bus, metro and taxi but don’t get to drive them. When you want to drive your vehicle, you go and get yourself one.”

You can’t let it go

One of the other reasons you are not happy is that you’re stuck somewhere. You’re neither moving forward nor backward. Think of it this way, when you’re holding on too tight on something your palm and fingers begin to ache. After some time, the hold does not remain as strong as it was in the beginning. It becomes slippery, it hurts you yet you forbid to let it go. Sooner or later, that thing is going to slip away and you will feel bad for losing your hold over it. What you don’t realize is that you are painless and your hands are free. Maybe it is not that bad an idea to let things go now, is it?

“What does the season of autumn teach us? It teaches us that sometimes letting go means redemption for the rest of the part that’s left.”

The old famous blame game – one of the classic reasons you are not happy

It is human tendency to find things to blame upon when nothing goes according to the plan. Now, rewind your thoughts and find an instance when it actually helped and when it became one of the reasons you are not happy. I think you need to hear this that no one else is responsible for your happiness. When you go around looking for happiness outside, you are just taking it farther from yourself. Get comfortable with that loud laughter of yours, that never ending acne, that bulging belly, that radiant yet dark skin and everything that makes you, You.

“If you want others to accept you as you are, you have to start with yourself first.”

“To sum it up, you may not be able to get your life and happiness on track 100%. But when you know where to begin and how to go about it, you are already 50% there.”

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Sameer Waghle
15/10/2020 at 1:31 pm

Very astute observations my dear genius. Truly we lose out on the big picture by focusing on the trivialities.

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