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Communication Is The Key: As Simple As That

Communication is the key. What are we, in school again? Studying Commerce? This is what you must be thinking right now. But, this is no lecture on principles of communication. Merely an article dedicated to the nuances of communication in our everyday life.

Communication is probably as old as civilization itself. And one might say, equally puzzling and enigmatic.

Communication does not differentiate between the living and the non-living, mountains and the seas, or the skies and the lands. Rather, it is the linking point amongst all contingents. The raison d’être behind all connections in the world. Maybe, that’s why it is taught so extensively and thoroughly. But, do we really practice what we learn in communication? Do we really believe that indeed, communication is the key to all riddles, personal and professional, micro and macro?

Current Rendezvous with Communication

Mixed emotions? I can understand! 

Remember that in childhood, when you wanted chips, you nagged your mother until you got one packet. Now whether you got one or went home crying is a whole different story altogether. Whatever the outcome was, it was because of your clear communication.

Now, try to recollect, that your boss asked you to work on a holiday the same day as your family function. Or any other event for this matter because it has somewhat happened with all of us at some point. Many of you must not have denied it at first. Maybe you were afraid of being rejected or even taking a chance.

Do you see the difference between the two?

As a kid, you were more vocal about your thoughts than you are now. You forgot how to even communicate the simplest of things.

Communicate to the child inside you
Take a memory trip and communicate to the child inside you, maybe?

Speak unabashedly

Believe in your heart that if things go haywire, communication is the key. Talk, just talk. You find someone beautiful, tell them. Your friend did not treat you well in public, tell them, in private. Your heart is heavy because of some secrets, confide in a loved one. Above all, tell the truth about your feelings and do not pretend anything. That sh*t hurts the most.

And even if after communication, you do not get what you wanted, call it a day. The next day, try communicating better. Because stopping it altogether is not an option. Find ways to release your emotions through better outlets. But, do not live with the baggage of unspoken words. This is heavier than a 15kg suitcase itself.

Communication is the key for everyone

To indulge in effective communication, you do not have to subscribe to premium memberships. Unlike Netflix, it is open to all.

Tell me why was the UN established after WWII? To solve matters through dialogues. What do you do on Insta (apart from enjoying memes)? Interact with others. Why does Colgate advertise, “Humare toothpaste mein namak hn!” To connect with the audience.      

Being a good communicator does not mean you have to be Joseph Goebbels (if you know, you know). It all starts at a micro-level. First, you clear the clutter with yourself. Align your thoughts with your cravings and weave them into a constellation of careful communication. Trust me, the stars will start becoming visible to all gradually.

Communication is omnipresent

Humans have no copyright on communication. Look around yourself. Nature is in constant communication with us. When there is extreme quietness, we know a storm’s coming. The ice caps are melting profusely which indicates global warming. The sea waves sending back garbage to the shore is a wake-up call to our ignorant living. Even after tolerating so much injustice, it is not stopping communication with us.

The communication of nature
The conversational dance of nature between the Sun and the River

Micro-Communication is the Key

In foresight, imagine, if no one was able to interact with each other and simply continued according to their wishes. What would it turn into – Calamity, Chaos, or Catastrophe? 

In hindsight, this is what happens when we refuse to communicate our thoughts in any relationship. We give way to a barren land.

Apply this to a micro-level first and you will know what I am trying to say.

“I wish instead of holding back, people simply conveyed their feelings appropriately. They be willing to sit for a dialogue to prevent their emotions metamorphosize into lifelong hatred.”

But, even if after all this, it does not work out, who the hell am I to say anything? Do what your heart says! Some things are not meant to be. What counts is your effort and intention behind it!

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14/09/2021 at 7:48 pm

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15/09/2021 at 10:22 am

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