Happy World Mental Health Day

Happy World Mental Health Day, is it?

Happy World Mental Health Day! Excuse me Jyotshna, what the hell is there to be exactly happy about! That’s what you are thinking, right?

At a time when most of us have lost track of our mental health, the timing of this day could not have been more perfect. We look at our life from two perspectives now – before 2020 and the present condition. I guess it comes from all of us for God that you misunderstood us when we said that we must accept change. To be clear, this is not what we wanted. We wished for normal challenges like “Chai mein biscuit gir jaana” or “Exam mein fail ho jaana”. NOT THIS jahan na shuruat mein exam thi dene ko aur na dhang ka biscuit chai mein dubane ko!

Where are you looking?

That’s where the importance of mental health has grown exponentially. The greatest minds are struggling with life right now yet somehow everybody is fighting to survive. But, pause for a moment, look around, no wait do not look around, there is only toxicity around. Look at yourself, what have you become and why are you so tired? Day and night your mind is filled with negative thoughts, it’s like your mind is feeding your body with poison. I know there is nothing you did to become like this and to come in this situation but are you happy? Either you’re worried about, I don’t even need to complete this sentence because your mind is already filled with 100 different things.

What happens with all of this?

Tell me one thing, what happens when any machine is overloaded with information and tasks? It crashes. The same is the condition with your brain. What do you say to a computer that works slow? “Iska load bhadh gaya hain, load kam karo.” Your brain is the most sophisticated machine; it also needs a reduction in the load right now. Keep neglecting it and like any other disease, it’s impact will double up in no time. As it is this year took so much from us, don’t let it take anymore.

Don’t neglect your mental health

There’s a reason we neglect our mental health more than anything. Because there is no scar or tangible impact, it is all happening inside our heads. The sad part is that we believe in ghosts but not in mental health. That’s why it is an unsatisfied need of the time. People hardly know what to do about it. What others say has a huge role to play in neglecting mental health. Since you cannot prove that you are not well mentally, people don’t trust you. Your feelings are met by, “Hey, don’t pay heed to them, if you encourage them, they will keep acting like this, just ignore.” Is not this the usual reaction?

Anything can happen to you, me, anyone. Don’t go on berating someone at least for their feelings. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything but don’t put people off. The world around you is crashing down taking along everything in the way, so is theirs. It’s really important to gather your mental as well as physical health right now. Surround yourself with non-toxic people, take up things that you genuinely like, don’t do work just to keep yourself engaged and learn to get comfortable with yourself even when you’re alone. It is not easy but nonetheless, it will be a start.

“Only wine and whiskey look all nice bottled up, not your feelings and sentiments.”

And of course other drinks as well! 😉  

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