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How to find calm moments in everyday life?

Bouncing thoughts from one topic to nth topic in just a few minutes? Sometimes you’re not also able to map how you landed up thinking this and what you even started with? Are you easily distracted and end up losing time for designated work? Then you must also be looking for how to find calm moments in everyday life!

If your answer is yes, then we both need to incorporate some moments of calm in our everyday life.

The following para is a very informal one, I wrote this days ago so I decided not to change it.   

“Right now I am just feeling cold. I am feeling that I am incapable of any emotion. The wind is slowly whispering into my ears to be strong and have faith. It is telling me that it has been quiet all day but wants to blow speedily. So it’s okay to lose your calm for a while, it is natural. Things can go berserk for you as well. I guess it’s really okay to lose it in a while, it just helps you to vent out. Because accumulated frustration is even more dangerous than an outburst. Just breathe for now.”

It is okay to let leaves get carried away with strong winds or a tornado but not with a blow dryer. What I am trying to say is that keep your thoughts reserved for real situations, not made-up ones. With the help of these little things, control your thoughts and make sure it is not the other way around. How to find calm moments:

Talk less and sometimes even listen less

Follow the golden rule of talking which, by the way, people hardly follow. If you have nothing relevant to speak and silence is better than the words coming out of your mouth – keep mum. And develop a diamond rule of listening which, by the way, is as relevant as the former rule. Screen the nonsense out of your ears. This way you can not let negativity enter your mind in the first place only.

Find a sweet spot and find calm moments

Yes, if you are thinking about Sheldon’s spot, that’s what I am talking about. Have a calm place to clear your mind. Somewhere you can be with yourself only, somewhere you attain peace. And keep this place close to your residing place so that you can clear the clutter without delay.

Find calm moments by avoiding hard news for now

Yes, I know what they say about being updated all the time. But if you are an overthinker and care deeply about things, avoid the news. Steer clear of it when you are already burdened. First, get your mind straight and then take in more information.

You can't pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first.

Stop taking certain things seriously and personally

If you feel bad about everything that people do, your mind is always going to be occupied. People will say anything because it is their only job. But your job is to not take their behaviour personally. If your favourite web series just killed off your favourite character, don’t take it too seriously. This stuff can linger in your mind for days. Take it from me when Bablu bhaiya died, I kept thinking about it for a long time. What good did it do for me? Nothing.   

How to find calm moments in everyday life?

Find calm moments with nature

The best place you can find calm is being around nature. When nothing makes sense, seek shelter in nature. It will never disappoint you and you will come back happy and rejuvenated. You may feel good after looking at all the Snapchat and Instagram stories of the pink sky. But you will feel better when you go look at the pink sky yourself.

The pink sky
Yahan nahi, wahan dekho

One thing at a time avoids hotchpotch

If you have too many thoughts buzzing around in your mind at one time, it is bound to get fuzzy. Even your brain will get confused as to what to focus on first. You will not be able to properly focus on any single thing out of the five things you have taken up. This will make you irritated that you are not good at any job. Try doing one thing at a time and see how that will work out for you.   

Complete your sleep at least thrice in a week

Okay is this too much to ask for? I am not saying this, your sleep is. Learn about it from my previous blogs on sleep and stress.

It has become really necessary for us to say this to our thoughts once in a while to find calm moments:

“You cannot spend your entire day with thoughts having a party in your mind. You have got to let them have a hangover as well.”


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