I pray for you to get what you wanted

I Pray For You to get what you wanted

‘I Pray For You’, such a simple gesture to make someone happy and upbeat. Why don’t we do that more often?

There are a lot of things we pray for on a daily basis. Sometimes, for the same thing many times. For instance, we say a prayer before an exam for an easy paper; after an exam for passing us and also on the result day. Sometimes, we pray for different things all at once. Like, to get the job, for the workplace to be clean, the boss to be friendly and understanding, and having entrusting co-workers around. We also pray for things we have no control on. “May India win all the championships this year in all sporting events!” or “May I have Doraemon’s anywhere door to travel anywhere I want!”

Don’t we? But, why do we do this?

There’s no definite answer. Because we believe in a force that is guiding us throughout and listening to our prayers. Despite putting in all the hard work, you pray to God or the Force you believe in, to achieve goals. We have faith that someone will respond to those prayers. We immediately feel empowered and energized after praying, don’t we?

Let’s do something different today. Let us make someone else empowered today and pray for them. Let’s make someone else’s life better by letting them know that you care for them.

I pray for you

I pray that you seize the moment when you had the chance, that you separate your life from work and you put in efforts without thinking about the end result.

I pray that if it’s a rainy weather, you always have an umbrella with you. If not that, may the rain start after you have reached a safe place.

I pray that your family is happy with everything that you have achieved, big or small. More importantly, you are happy with everything you have achieved.

I pray that the next time you sit down and take up the subject called life to ponder upon, your happiness weighs more than your sadness.

I pray that you look forward to meeting your friends and partner and having a good time with them. And, not just discuss about the mundane life and routine work.

I pray that no one ever cheats on you and makes your life miserable deliberately. Moreover, you spot such people early in life and maintain your distance.

I pray all your dreams come true. But first, you put in enough hard work to reach greater heights.

I pray that you smile more and enjoy your moments. Also, may you never cry over the same thing more than once.

I pray for you to get enough sleep to help you pass through the day unlike a nomad. And, may you never have to ask for extra time to finish your tasks.  

I pray that the Sun shines longer on you and the clouds don’t stay over you for a long time.

I pray that if God decides to make things normal for someone, that someone be you.

I said a prayer for you today

Sometimes, even after putting in everything that you have got in yourself, you miss the mark. Sometimes, even after seeing all the signs, you continue with your work and regret later. Life puts you in a jam and there is very little you can do to handle the situation. But, if you are in one, I want you to remember,

Life is not all sugar, spice and everything nice.
There are also, ice, lies and random cries.
But, with time, may you figure out that it is still a paradise.   

Say a prayer and who knows you might end up making someone’s life better.

It’s a strange feeling but it’s such a good one.

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