Increase your self-worth in 3 simple ways to have on-point results.

Increase your self-worth in 3 simple ways

It is okay to put others before yourself and it is not wrong to put yourself before others. This is the very premise on which self-worth stands. Each one of us should learn to value ourselves, our existence and simply our weird traits and imperfect qualities. You don’t require any learner’s permit or allowance to grow and increase your self-worth. You can do it yourself, by making little changes and adjustments to your brain. Last Sunday’s blog mentioned self-worth, its realization and maintenance. We found out that self-worth puts us in a healthier and happier state of mind. Today, it’s all about the ways in which we can achieve it.

Self-worth is internal

Self-worth has the word self in it, that means it’s about your very nature and identity. How can you measure it by your environment and materialistic possessions then? The real test of self-worth comes when you are 24, struggling with career, relationships, family decisions, investment choices and almost everything else. It is at this unstable time that you feel like questioning your worth in the world. You have to understand that when you do this, you sabotage your significance before anybody else does. Who are these ‘anybody’ even? The same lot like you and me who struggled their way up but like giving everybody a hard time. They might win at that but you lose every time you believe them.

Let’s take an example from nature to help increase your self-worth. Everybody likes looking at the leaves and flowers but the roots of the tree are not mostly visible. But, when the tree sheds its leaves and flowers, what is the one thing that keeps it standing and takes it through winter? Roots. Self-worth is to you what roots are to the trees. It’s not visible to everyone but is the essence of your existence. Someday, your accomplishments might fade away, your car will get old and your house may seem small. And you will have one thing to sustain you through the harsh season – your self-worth.  

Increase your self-worth by appreciating yourself

Use the correct self-Dwords to increase your self-worth

Start doing things for your growth and happiness. You are your best trainer and judge. Start focusing on:


And please avoid things that are:


The first five things make you an independent person with goals and provide you ample scope of improvement. Choosing self-worth will help you to achieve these features smoothly and efficiently. When you concentrate on these things and compare yourself with your old version, you will see how far you will have come. Needless to say, neglecting self-worth will make your life all the last five things.

Be proud of who you are

Apply JOMO to increase your self-worth

In this FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) stricken world, uplift your worth and put on some JOMO (Joy Of Missing Out). People with self-worth are not scared of not being present at every place. They don’t want to sacrifice their happiness to please others and neither do they need to be a part of everything. When you place yourself at the top of the pyramid, you don’t feel the urge to fit in anywhere and everywhere. You are comfortable not being available for everyone every time.

You have to understand that you have no obligation to attend every function or event. There are times when you could use a break and do nothing but relax. FOMO creates unnecessary pressure to go out of the way and do stuff. You have to keep your self-worth above insecurities. You can say ‘No’, undergo digital detox and reconnect with yourself.

Value yourself and don't give a damn what others think

There’s a difference between self-worth and ego

Self-worth does not mean you don’t own up to your mistakes. This is ego where you think you cannot be wrong ever and stand above everyone else. There is no space for equality and respect in it. You don’t take into account anybody’s feelings, you forget empathy and cannot handle when you don’t get your way. There is no ‘sorry’ or ‘thankyou’ or any emotion of compassion left. If you commit any mistake, take full responsibility for it, rectify the situation and understand that mistakes don’t define you. You are a human and mistakes are in your nature. What differentiates self-worth and ego the most is an attitude of acceptance.

Self-worth means accepting yourself.

“Know your worth, the sooner the better. The sense of peace after rescuing yourself from the thoughts of others is liberating and yes, addictive.”

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