Mental Health Awareness Blog Break 5 Lousy Habits

Mental Health Awareness Blog : Break 5 Lousy Habits

Presenting this mental health awareness blog for anyone who is searching for peace in this chaotic world. Are you? I know I am. Some stability too will be good. Because I am tired of acting on my whims all the time and regretting later. Laziness always gets better of me and leaves me unorganized and indisciplined. It seems that consistency and I are on a long break.

So, now I have decided to minimize interaction with things that make me less productive and mess up my mind. Let’s practice together to break the vicious chain of temptation and regain the reins of control!    

Take control of your mental health


This mental health awareness blog addresses that sometimes the thing that holds you back is yourself. Your mind cooks things up for you and tricks you into believing them.

– You are not talented.
– You will never be able to succeed.
– Your skills are average.  
– You look like a potato in that dress.
– People will laugh at your performance.

No matter what you do, you never seem perfect to your brain, do you? There’s always that hint of self-doubt where you discourage yourself before anyone else to avoid public embarrassment.

But, who decided that you are not good enough? Even if you are not perfect, it does not mean that you are a dud. So what if you don’t get it right in the first go, second go, or the third go. You will do it eventually. Like other people learned everything in their mother’s wombs! Some are turtles, some are rabbits, that’s the difference. Look at your hand, not all fingers are of the same size, right? Don’t let the seeds of self-doubts germinate in your minds and ruin your mental health!

Prolonged Tech Exposure

Even the best mental health blogs would be incomplete without the mention of technology and its effects. Your gadgets, smartphones, tablets, laptops, yes, each one of them has too much power over you. Especially these Instagram reels, once you start scrolling, you aren’t going anywhere else for the next hour or so. Digital platforms keep you hooked for a good amount of time by playing trendy music. Of course, with the additional factor of people grooving to the latest songs. But, entertainment has no value to give, most of the time. It’s a great past time but it ought to be done occasionally, not frequently! 

Don't lose your human touch

Focusing on your problems

All my personal blogs about mental health mention diluting your focus from your problems. Now, this is a very interesting one. We, humans, have a tendency to focus on our troubles more than the positive aspects of life. But, we reap what we sow. If we keep concentrating on the negatives, we tend to overlook the good things going on. For instance, you are playing kho-kho and you have to zig-zag your way in order to be safe. When you focus on the empty spaces between the sitting players, you can make a faster run for it. But, if you look only at the players (obstacles), you will lose confidence and trail behind.

Erratic sleep schedule

The worst thing we do to our body (and I am counting excessive sugar intake and screen time) is to deprive it of sleep. By doing so, we battle against natural needs and force the body to adjust to an abnormal schedule. It’s like keeping a plant in a dark place with no sunlight and still expecting it to flourish.

Even whilst writing about sleep in this mental health awareness blog, its importance cannot be stressed enough. And losing it to binge watch or just scrolling through social media is nothing less than a crime! Do your body a favour and gift it a steady sleep schedule this Valentine’s Day!

Oversharing stuff

Your social media account is not your personal diary or a dumping ground for all your activities. There are plenty of people who are not your great friends and don’t deserve to know everything. Instead of giving people a good laugh about your feelings and goings-on, take a moment to reconsider your posts. Keep certain aspects of your life private and maintain an aura of mystery around you.

Think it like this. You have posted all over your social media about relocating to Mumbai. But, due to some reasons, it got cancelled, and now even speaking about it, bums you out. How will you answer people who keep asking you about your plans? Maybe they are just checking on you but you are feeling annoyed. At this point in time, understand that you had given them that much power of knowing your life’s recent developments. Because you overshared things with people who were nonchalant in the first place.

Did you know that it takes 21 days to break a habit? Use this mental health awareness blog as a sign of nature telling you to finally take action!

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