Never ending lockdown woes

Never Ending Lockdown Woes: What Happens Now?

With another lockdown on our way, we have to again strengthen our survival instincts. I am not only talking about our physical health but our mental health as well. Which crumbled like a pack of cards in the second wave of the virus. Even thinking about going through the same trauma is giving me chills. And believe me, winter has got nothing to do with these chills.

One minute we were all dancing delightfully in weddings and then singing ‘Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle All The Way’. Another minute we were wishing Happy New Year with heavy hearts. Questioning what’s so happy about this year now that has started with a partial lockdown! So what’s going to keep our faith in the running after a tumultuous year? Can’t trust Santa, he’s already gone. Like, every enjoyable festival is gone. What happens now?  

Surprised by the lockdown

Take Shelter Under Work

As long as you can, keep working. Keep your mind distracted from the awful news discussions. Get yourself engaged in any sort of work, at the end of which you might feel productive. Just staying there, letting all the negativity enter your mind will make things worse. When you listen to the same news every day from everyone you talk to, you tend to lose control over your mind. Fear and stress cloud your thoughts and take away your decisiveness. So, don’t let your guard down during this lockdown, in all the aspects, health, labour, or otherwise.

Working doggo

Accept the lockdown wholeheartedly

Don’t go around adding fuel to baseless rumours. That it’s all in our minds or it’s a conspiracy. No. Whatever it may be, your health is at risk, anyway. Accept the reality by taking all the precautions. The longer you deny it, the longer it will haunt you.

I know you did not choose this but you have to face it and fight it potently! Again. You must be exhausted but thank God the virus is less lethal now. Looking at the silver lining. I know you find me a hopeless case but I am still hopeful. Where else can we keep our vulnerabilities?

I still have hope

Keep your loved ones closer

Yes, the ones that drive you crazy all the time. Check on them and uplift each other’s spirits. The lockdown might get a tad better. No, I am not asking you to take on the onus of making everyone happy. Just routine conversations and keep the channels of communication open. Talk about subjects that do not revolve around the virus. Share recipes, discuss dance shows, or maybe share my YouTube video with them. Okay, don’t hit me now.  

What I am referring to, is that, become a safe house for people around you. Don’t scare them. Spare them from the anomalies of the world and help them find calm moments in everyday life.

Care for each other

Another lockdown, many stories!

I have started a YouTube channel – Jyotshna Talks, recently. It is about expressing and addressing mundane issues that plague our lives. And the second segment is about bringing forward the stories of people who are in the ‘making’ stage of their lives. It is at this stage that they receive minimal support and help from people. But, it is at this stage that they require it the most.

Now is your turn to extend encouragement towards someone who is struggling to reach the top of the pyramid. Make them feel good this lockdown by providing them a platform to share their unique story with the world. Remember, if the roles were reversed, they would do the same for you.

Get going, we are all eager to know more people like You & Me!  

Help each other excitedly during lockdown


Shruti Sharma
16/01/2022 at 2:24 am

This blog is right on time. With lockdown again, it’s too overwhelming. Just doesn’t feel good about the covid shit (again) Can’t get myself to think about another year of online classes (which suck) and the my life’s progress (that pandemic undid). I’m sorry for ranting it out. It’s 2AM and I’m just sick of the pandemic but your blog is reassuring, thank you 🙂

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