One last blog to offer you for hope

One last blog to share with you… of 2020

The moment we all have been waiting for has finally arrived! Not an award function, a good movie release, launch of a good phone model or a special concert. But, 2020 is going to end. It feels like such a complete sentence, you don’t need any introduction or conclusion for it. So much has happened that it’s even hard to collect everything and put it together. Some lost so much that it will take a decade to recover; some also gained, but only in the form of body weight. Having said that, I have one last blog to remind you, that at the crack of dawn, the Sun will rise again.  

Happy ending or happy that it is finally ending?

We only have two options to choose from. This year stands at an equal distance from being the best for some and worst for others. Some see it as a blessing, some as a curse. Some spent time with their family after years and some could not find the means to even feed their family. See? One year and so many mixed emotions. Whatever be the case, I hope that as this year ends, your old troubles, financial, emotional or whatsoever, end as well. I know that the change of a year means nothing until the present condition is rectified. But, there is nothing wrong with little hope and big desires, is there?

You changed… for the better

If you are doubting your present version, let me assure you that it was necessary. The way things kept happening with you, one after the other, it was important to change. Life was no longer a party to be enjoyed, it became a monster to defeat. You did what you had to do, to survive. Logic had to take over and emotions had to be sent into hibernation. This year threw away the set notions of you, who you are and how you are with others. For this, they will judge you and even outcast you from groups. So, I want to remind you with one last blog, to help you keep going, that you chose this, for your happiness and self-respect. You may have lost people because of the change, but you found yourself.

Still standing strong with one last blog

This year, your patience was challenged, your love was tested, your respect was attacked, your happiness was taken away, your peace was snatched, even your self-worth was questioned to a great extent. Maybe you sat for 8 months without work but you’re back at your job now. Maybe you worked hard for 8 months without a sufficient salary but quit this month because you’ve had enough. With one last blog of 2020, I stand with you and affirm that you’re not alone. Even after all this, if you’re still standing strong, fighting and refusing to give up, you’re the strongest person I know.

It may not be what you had imagined it to be, but for the first time experiencing 2020, you did fairly well.

Leave them behind

I intend to leave a lot of things behind me, do you too?

By them, I mean, leave all the toxicity behind. Leave your insecurities, self-damaging thoughts and avoidable sadness behind. Say goodbye to those who messed with your mental health knowing it was not good. Get ahead of those who see you as a person who can never say No. Vouch for self-love and self-improvement first.

I hope that bad health, toxic people and unnecessary troubles don’t follow your way into 2021. I hope that you take a sound body, meaningful goals and real relations with you into 2021.

A reason for this one last blog

There is a reason we are regarding this New Year to be an entirely fresh start for us. Otherwise, what is it, just another man-made division of time, right? We are seeing posts and content filling our social media timeline about how everyone is feeling happy as 2020 is ending. It is just an excuse to fill you up with high spirits, hope and zeal to undertake new challenges. Because 2020 showed us how heavy the burden of regrets can be. And no human would want any other person to feel that way. So, whether you dance your way or sleep your way into 2021, do it with a fresh perspective.

Happy New Year, you tough tree, maybe the storm did cause you to bend but I am glad you did not snap. 

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