India Gate view of Republic Day Parade 2022

Republic Day Parade 2022: 20 Extraordinary Glimpses

Republic Day Parade 2022 is larger, grander, and mightier than ever!

My pride in our Armed Forces increases 100 times (already at 100%) after watching the Republic Day Parade every year. To think of the talent this country has, the thought just blows my mind. They showcase their mettle whilst protecting the country selflessly during difficult times. And on this day, we get to experience their bravery first-hand.

My late grandfather, Mr. Rampratap Agiwal, used to get ready every year on 26th January morning to watch the Republic Day Parade. His enthusiasm was unmatched. In addition, his curiosity was ever-soaring with questions about new additions to our artillery. This year, to continue his legacy, we all gathered to watch the Republic Day Parade 2022 with the same fervor.

I get so overwhelmed after seeing the routines from regiments all over the country. These women and men practice day and night to put up an error-free show. And they succeed, always. Because they put their hearts into delivering a visual spectacle.

I read in a newspaper that this year all the participants had to be extra vigilant because of the virus scare. They had to prepare and follow the guidelines at the same time. I am pointing it out because the virus has deterred our motivation to work to a great extent. Even when we have to work from home, we get lazy and delay our assignments. It’s time we too accept the virus and find ways to self-inspire and self-motivate.     

Republic Day Parade 2022 sneak peek

I could not refrain from sharing some glimpses of the Republic Day Parade 2022. Believe me, I was glued to the TV for a good 2 hours and couldn’t take my eyes off it.  

  1. The magnificent view exhibiting the true meaning of discipline.
Aerial view of Republic Day Parade 2022

2. Tank Centurion used by Indian Army during the war roll down Rajpath at Republic Day Parade 2022

Centurion tank of Indian Army

3. BSF Camel Regiment– unique, right?   

BSF Camel Regiment at Republic Day Parade 2022

4. NCC Boys Marching Contingent – a box of straight rows and columns

NCC Boys Marching Regiment

5. View through the India Gate

India Gate View of the Republic Day Parade 2022

6. The patriotic tunes of the band

Band performing

7. NSS Marching Contingent – Motto – Not Me But You

NSS Marching Contingent

8. BSF All-Women Biker Team presents a thrilling Pyramid Formation at Republic Day Parade 2022, among many others  

All-Women Biker Pyramid Formation

9. Motorcycle Display by Men of Tibetan Border Police (TBP)

BSF performing

10. Haryana Tableau features Sports Stars in its befitting tribute to Athletes

Haryana Tableau at Republic Day Parade 2022

11. Drinking Water and Sanitation Tableau – simple message – large volume

Save water Tableau

12. The Tricolour Formation kicks off the Grand Fly-Past!

Tricolour formation at Republic Day Parade 2022

13. Subsequently, fighting the fog to hover over Rajpath

Helicopters amidst the fog

14. Cockpit View of Baaz formation

Indian aircraft above Rajpath

15. Spearing Arrowheads

Formation at Republic Day Parade 2022

16. At 900km/hour, they disappear into the clouds in a blink!

Jets flying above

17. An eye in the sky

Cockpit view of an Indian Air Force Pilot

18. Humans and their machines defining the skyspace

Jets flying at Republic Day Parade 2022

19. Amrit Formation – 17 Jaguar Aircraft

Amrit Formation

20. The Glorious Retreat to a heartwarming republic day celebration!

End of the Republic Day Celebration

What a grand celebration amidst the glum atmosphere of the national festival! What a splendid display of fearlessness that kept us captured for a very long time!

With never-seen-before-views, we witnessed the limitlessness of the sky. As we come to the close of the 73rd Republic Day, let us rededicate ourselves to the safety and sanctity of the country. The Republic Day Parade 2022 truly demonstrated unity in diversity. It certainly gave us many goosebump moments to cherish forever.    

Oh and Happy Republic Day!

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Note: After receiving many texts about the source of images, I want to clarify that I have clicked them all, except two. Haryana Tableau and Tank Centurion have been taken from Twitter. The rest are from my camera!


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