Indian flag hoisting on Republic Day

Republic Day Special: Winning Hearts with Feats

This Republic Day, let’s revisit the magic created by the young men and women of the country. I will speak of two recent events that took the world by storm and made us Indians proud. We were genuinely happy when this talented lot unlocked brand-new achievements in their respective fields. First, India won the Border-Gavaskar Trophy at Gabba, the ground that used to be treated like an unbreachable fortress. Second, an all-women Air India pilot team flew over the North pole, taking the airline’s longest route.

The two instances are enough to send radiations of happiness across the country today. This is the kind of human empowerment that we want to see and get inspired from.

Indian Cricket Team Slaying the Aussies  

Injured players, receiving flak from the cricket legends after 36-all out. Facing boos from the crowd and incessant sledging from the counter team. Enduring personal losses and physical blows. Still, bouncing back better than one does on a trampoline!  

So much has already been written about it that I only want to derive the lessons out of this feat. It is a lesson for the impractical voice inside us that gives in to ridicule, for the young soul that is too afraid to come out and fly and for the harsh critic (our brain) that leads us into believing that we are not good enough. They proved that patience and resilience will never go out of fashion, things that we greatly lack in. Here, we can’t even wait in the cue for 5 minutes and there Pujara successfully faces more-injuries-than-my-age in one inning! Hail Team India!  

If this match did not give you goosebumps and tears, I don’t know what will. If this match did not compel you to keep aside all your work, I don’t know what will. If this match did not get you to speak Chak de India, I don’t know what will! Happy Republic Day, Team India.

On this Republic Day, We Salute You, Captains!

Writing a new chapter on the pages of wind. Breaking records and stereotypes. Conquering long routes in a Captain’s suit. These are the women of the 21st Century. Speaking correctly, these are the women professionals of the 21st century.

Kudos to these women for following their dreams and inspiring every person around the globe to do the same. Is not it amazing that these lovely ladies are paving the path for women by shouldering these responsibilities so carefully! It is a lesson for the timid girl inside me to unlock greater heights, for the nervous heart to do things despite them being difficult and for the suppressed spirit to rise from the ground and soar high!   

In a country where we constantly hear that women can’t drive, these talented ladies flew over the North Pole. Something that requires technical skills, immense preparation and a good sense of direction. What have you got to say to this, stereotyping bigheads! Keep ruling the skies like this ladies. From an avid admirer, Happy Republic Day power-squad.  

You took the shot, lead the way and conquered the show,
Words are not enough to describe your bravado.
From taking blows to hovering over the North Pole,
You have taught us to strengthen our life goals.
May you keep breaking records and set conventions,
Your achievements and intensity speak of your devotion.
By this, we know what true empowerment is,
It is more than arguing over her and his.
What’s important is to bounce back and score,
What’s important is to trust Captains’ Four.
Thank you for letting us witness these historic moments,
You have imprinted on us with your admirable ascent.

Also, Happy Republic Day to the Covid warriors of the nation who have been working relentlessly for months.


Sameer Waghle
26/01/2021 at 10:44 am

Gosh. After so long!!! Still… You blow my mind with your brilliance every time. Jai Hind!!!

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