Time Management Tips

Time Management : How to Ace it Like a Pro

Time Management is one of the most difficult things that an adult has to do. At the end of every day, we are not able to complete either one thing or another. Sometimes we get stuck in traffic or sometimes we just procrastinate in the middle of work. Or, sometimes we just worry about work and in the process, forget to do anything about it. Strange how the human mind works, right?  

Signs of poor time management

Learning time management is a skill that we have to have in today’s time-driven world. Here’s how you can ace it like a pro!

Set achievable goals

At times, we get carried away at the moment and agree to a task that is impossible to finish in a particular time frame. In order to achieve it, we tend to look over our other assignments. As a result, we ruin both. So, the first step is to set achievable goals and sync them with your daily routine. I understand that it’s important to push yourselves towards betterment but then again, at what cost? You have to measure that!

Organize to Ace Time Management

Organization may sound boring to us adults but it’s the key to managing time effectively. Keep your study table clean, of course not while working essentially! But, before and after. Keep your papers in a stack, wires tied up, pens in a stand, laptop in a case, and so on. This will direct your mind to more important chores at hand and save your time! For an improved ambiance, you can also decorate your table with vases and frames to let creativity flow.

Organized workspace

To-Do Lists

Any time management article is incomplete without the mention of to-do lists. They are perhaps the smartest way to manage time. We can prepare a to-do list every morning and try to adhere to it. And the best part? At the day’s end, you get to strike off the items you have completed and breathe a sigh of relief! Trust me, it’s a golden feeling when you look at it. Because your brain, too, experiences satisfaction and happiness at the sight of accomplished tasks.  

To-Do List

Other nitty-gritties of time management

Prioritize your worksheet. Go ahead with the good old ‘first things first’. This way you can finish currently needed tasks and get on to the less urgent ones.

Multitasking is a bane. With your head at several places, all at once, you cannot concentrate properly. I will share an anecdote, many times, I have sent personal messages to wrong chats during work. And yes, it’s embarrassing to explain – “My hand perspires a lot,” to a broadcast list of 150 people.

Above all, please learn to say no when you are already drowned in 50 feet of work. This is the war-cry of ‘time management’. Remember, you cannot pour from an empty cup, you have to take care of yourself first!

To sum up:

Time management tips

Voilà! Now you have all the weapons in your kitty to give yourself ‘The Gift of Time’.

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