self-worth is yours to decide

Your self-worth is not determined by others

Self-worth is that aspect of our life which we pay attention to only if some external force messes with it. And that is unfortunate.

You live in a society. You went to school and college. You’re maybe an employee or running a business. Throughout all these stages of your life, how many times did someone say something mean to you, took a direct hit at your self-worth and made you question it? Here we go.

“My teacher rebuked me that I am good for nothing and will fail if I keep up this attitude.” 
“My classmate told me that none of the other students want to be friends with me because I am different.”
“My crush told me that I am not beautiful enough to be a part of his/her life.”
“My boss never appreciates my idea because it involves a certain risk-taking.”

And many, many other such instances that your brain is playing right now. Tell me if I am wrong if you did not question your value after listening to these things. The worst part is, you feared that if you raise your voice, they will hate you and you will be alone. We might be immature then, placing other people’s opinions and thoughts before us but it’s never too late.

Realizing your worth

Attaining self-worth is a gradual process. Discover who you are, accept yourself, keep room for improvements, value your presence and most importantly, love yourself. It teaches us to be kinder to ourselves and not let people (mostly bullies) get into our headspace. When you understand this, you don’t let any XYZ person or even a cherished soul treat you wrong. If they insult you, hurt your feelings and make you feel that you deserve all of this, how do I say this politely, cut them off. Because when people love you, they make it very clear that they do. When they don’t, they keep attacking your worth because sadly that’s what we have made our weakness. Your self-worth should be your armour; it must shield you against the cynical world, not be your soft spot.

Maintaining self-worth

It is easy to lecture around people especially at these times to stay proud of themselves. So, maintaining self-worth can be very challenging and exhausting. To deal with failure, fading relations, losses, pay cuts, etc. with no idea of what is going to happen in the future! That’s the point, you need self-worth on your team now more than ever. Because it’s the key to powering through in this condition. You are at loggerheads with almost every aspect of your life, if you turn your back at self-worth too, how will you tackle everything? Self-worth is the foundation that will keep you standing strong. This is about your growth and happiness. It is about “I deserve to be treated right and I deserve happiness and fulfilling life.” To tell you the truth, I am just saying something you already know but it’s been pushed to the back of your mind.

“Neglecting your self-worth in daily life is like excluding the healthiest meal of your food diet. You have to continue consuming it in order to get results.”  

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13/09/2020 at 9:12 am

Always a pleasure reading such pure and wise thoughts 😃👍

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